Warranty Schmarranty

The Apple Retail Store Hates You –

I recently visited the Apple store to exchange a defective power adapter which was still under warranty. I still have the defective adapter, as it has now cost more time and effort than it was originally worth.

What I have lost is time, money, and trust in the ethics of the retail store. What I have gained is disdain for their tactics and a sick feeling every time

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When Your Vote Doesn't Count


A Murphy-Goode Follow-up

If you give people the opportunity to vote for something, they expect their votes to count.

Whether voting in a national election, or for the office lunch, people want their voices to be heard and recognized.

This point was recently lost on the good folks at the Murphy-Goode Winery when they asked people to vote for their favorite candidate in their “Really Goode Job” search, but chose the second

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“Goode” Opportunity for PR is Lost on Winery

Someone at the Murphy-Goode Winery had an amazing PR idea. The execution of that idea (whether poor planning or someone’s crass indifference toward their customer base), has quickly become a nightmare.

At best, Murphy-Goode has shown that it is a company with no concept of the breadth and strength of current social media. At worst, it has shown the world that it is a company completely devoid of basic ethics.

It began with the

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