Michael Zimmer’s “Tools for the 21st Century”

Michael Zimmer’s isuu.com publication, Tools for the 21st Century: 21st Century Tools for Teachers is a compilation and explanation of tools teachers can “and should” be using to integrate technology into their classroom lessons. He devotes a full page to most sites and gives an overview of each with clear, yet concise, non-techie language that most readers will appreciate.

In addition to those who are trying to become more familiar with classroom-appropriate tools, I

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Mr. Carpenter’s Super Website Resources

Mr. Carpenter is a 4th grade teacher and Instructional Technology Coach for grades K-12. His “Super Website Resources” is a quick look at some great classroom tech resources and is published via http://issuu.com. (It is also embedded below.) His site, mrcarpenterstech.com, covers some of these resources more fully and includes some tutorials on several topics, including Excel and Moodle.

Another resource he makes available is the blog he uses with his

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