Adjusting Your Mac's Display to Project

It is horribly frustrating to prepare a great presentation and then be unable to use the images you planned for your audience. The PDF below assumes that you have already connected your projector (or other external monitor) to your Mac. These instructions can be used with either desktops or laptops connected to compatible external (or additional) monitors. Make sure your additional display is properly connected and powered on before beginning.

Adjusting Mac Display to

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Site Reorganization

If you are looking for posts on Public Ed & Politics or my personal posts, those have moved to other sites. Please contact me in person or drop a note in the comments section, and I will be glad to give you those links. 😀



The EIGRP Song

During my studies for the CompTIA Network+ exam, I couldn’t seem to get past this acronym without singing. So, for your next networking break: “The EIGRP Song.”

THE EIGRP SONG to the tune of “Old MacDonald” (parenthetical sections are not sung)

Old McCisco had a farm (Autonomous System), E-I-G-R-P And on this farm he had some routers, E-I-G-R-P With an IGP, NOT an EGP Keepin’ stuff inside, Where



The Best Thing I Learned Today: Vertical Text Selection in MS Word

One very scientific measurement I use t determine what to include in the “Best” list, is whether I yell, “Holy crap, I can’t believe I didn’t know about that!” or “George, Gracie, look what I can do!” (George and Gracie are cats, by the way.)

Today’s best was found in Jody Gilbert’s Tech Republic blog post, Five Word Tips That Could Change Your Life.


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TN Teacher Rally Pictures


On March 5th, 2011, thousands of Tennessee educators and their supporters met in Nashville to rally against several anti-teacher bills. These thousands stood in the rain all afternoon, sending a clear message. There are multitudes of Tennesseans who are firmly against anti-teacher, anti-education, anti-worker, anti-union bills.

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Spammers Make Me LOL

Spammers Make Me LOL

At the risk of inviting more of the same, I want to share a few funny spam comments I received regarding a post on another site. My spammers don’t seem to be reaching their target audience. These fail on so many levels… Enjoy.

My original post appeared in a “News” category:

Executive Board Meeting Changed: Our February Executive Board meeting will



Michael Zimmer’s “Tools for the 21st Century”

Michael Zimmer’s publication, Tools for the 21st Century: 21st Century Tools for Teachers is a compilation and explanation of tools teachers can “and should” be using to integrate technology into their classroom lessons. He devotes a full page to most sites and gives an overview of each with clear, yet concise, non-techie language that most readers will appreciate.

In addition to those who are trying to become more familiar with classroom-appropriate tools, I

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Mr. Carpenter’s Super Website Resources

Mr. Carpenter is a 4th grade teacher and Instructional Technology Coach for grades K-12. His “Super Website Resources” is a quick look at some great classroom tech resources and is published via (It is also embedded below.) His site,, covers some of these resources more fully and includes some tutorials on several topics, including Excel and Moodle.

Another resource he makes available is the blog he uses with his

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