The Best Thing I Learned Today: Vertical Text Selection in MS Word

One very scientific measurement I use t determine what to include in the “Best” list, is whether I yell, “Holy crap, I can’t believe I didn’t know about that!” or “George, Gracie, look what I can do!” (George and Gracie are cats, by the way.)

Today’s best was found in Jody Gilbert’s Tech Republic blog post, Five Word Tips That Could Change Your Life.

I can’t count the number of times I have pasted a bullet list into a document that did not recognize the bullets.  To format the list as intended, I had to remove each character individually. Now, holding down the alt key (Shift + Alt for Mac users), I can select vertical text and “poof” it right off the page:


It is such a beautifully simple solution that I can’t believe I hadn’t found it earlier!

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