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Q What tests are required for the A+ certification?
Both the 220-801 and the 220-802 are required to complete the A+ certification


Q How do I know what to study for the A+?
A All objectives for the tests are available from the CompTIA site.

      Objectives are subject to change – check back often, to ensure you have the current version.


Q How many questions make up each the test?
Maximum:  90 questions


Q  Do I have to take both tests at the same time?
No.  As long as the 800 series is available, you may take the tests when ever you like.


Q What score is required to pass the tests?
220-801 = 675 (on a scale of 100-900)

      220-802 = 700 (on a scale of 100-900)


Q Should I read objectives, then a book, then watch videos, or is another order best?
There is no order that is best for everyone.  Some people do all three simultaneously, while some choose one at a time.  Experiment with the content and see what works best for you.


Q “I have been going back and forth about taking an A+ course for 1,500 dollars or studying for the exam myself. Which would be more beneficial?
This really depends on your personal study habits.  Many people are very capable of studying the objectives on their own, while some may need the extra push of a classroom environment. I would suggest trying it on your own first. If that isn’t working for you, adding a classroom-based course might help.


Q  Should I study material from the old, 700 series test as well as the 220-801/802?
No.  The objectives have changed, as have study resources for the tests.  Study the current material.


Q What is the best way to prepare for the “performance-based” questions?
Performance-based questions simply ask you to perform a task from the objectives.  If you have studied the objectives and can perform all of them, you will be able to complete the performance-based questions.


Q What is the best way to remember acronyms, definitions, cables speeds, etc.?
Lots of people have been very successful using traditional flash cards.  There is also a great deal of research that shows a connection between writing the information and recalling it later.


Q  Why don’t you publish a list of past questions?
A   When we sit for the test, we sign an agreement with CompTIA, stating that we will never disclose information about the actual test, and that we have never used or sought to use that kind of cheating material.  Those who cheat are subject to having all of their certifications revoked.


Q  Can I take scratch paper into the testing room?
No.  You will be provided with a dry-erase sheet or board and markers. Nothing else may be taken into the testing room.

Please watch these short videos from PearsonVue and CompTIA, explaining the testing experience:

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If you have additional questions that you would like to see covered here, please list them in the comments section.  Thanks!


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