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Network+ Resources The goal of this post is to consolidate some of the most-used “best” resources in one place. These recommendations come from students studying for the exams, people who have passed, professional educators, and an array of IT professionals.  Materials I personally used are highlighted in blue.Please list suggestions for additions/corrections in the comment section. *The resources listed here are suggestions only, and have no implied guarantee of their availability or suitability to your individual circumstances.

ClockObjectives If you haven’t downloaded the objectives for the CompTIA Network+, stop.  Don’t go through coursework, books, apps, etc., wondering what will be on the test.  Download the objectives:  CompTIA Net+ Objectives

ClockVideo Courses For video courses, I can only recommend one:

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 ClockBooks Whatever other resources you use, most successful students buy a good book. Those below are often recommended.  

Get instant access to thousands of books and videos for technology, creative, and business professionals from the world's most trusted experts.

Get instant access to thousands of books & videos for technology, creative, & business professionals from the world’s most trusted experts.


The choice of book depends on your individual learning style.  If you enjoy a more laid-back, chit-chatty style, Mike Meyers might be the one for you.  For those who like things to get right to the point, the Exam Cram book might be a great choice.  For those near the end of their studies, who want to see where they stand with some practice questions, the Exam Cram Practice Questions book might be exactly what you are looking for.  Most of these can be previewed at or your local bookstore. Preview them to decide which writing style will work best for you.

ClockStudy Guides

n10005sg-group Professor Messer’s Network+ Study Guide: “All of my CompTIA Network+ notes in one place!“The CompTIA N10-005 Network+ exam expects you to know the basics of networking technologies, including subnetting, network troubleshooting, network address translation, encryption technologies, proxies, mobile technologies, software tools, and much, much more.”



Title Their Description Our Notes Cost* iPhone Android
Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 12.31.40 PMCompTIA Super Bundle by Upward Mobility “…Study Mode, for the user to work at his/her own pace, as well as a Test Mode, where the user can set number of questions and/or time constraints. Each question/answer includes a Key Takeaway, to reinforce core concepts.” This App also requires a note of caution: Many of us found several incorrect answers. However, most felt that the material was so superior to other apps, that these could be overlooked. $9.99  
      *In the table above, “Cost” is an approximation, only, and shall not be a guarantee.


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