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Your Comments & the “Fine Print”

I really wanted to use some really, really fine print (and the word, “really”), but somebody might actually try to read it and I don’t want to be sued ’cause some dummy pokes his eye out with a netbook.

TardySlip is a personal blog site – not part of a business. As such,  it is updated when the bloggers’ personal/professional commitments allow.



Miss Tardy enjoys your comments and will reply when possible.

If you have some special time constraint that requires your comment to be posted quickly, you are in the wrong place.  (It’s called “TardySlip” for a reason.)

Your comments are not automatically approved – we have people for that.  (More like, “person,” and it’s just me.)

Trolls, Flamers, F-bombers, Childish Name-Callers, & other Meanies will be ignored.  (This is *my* house – ya’ wanna talk smack, go to your own house.)

TardySlip does not claim intellectual property rights over your comments, but may republish them in other formats, with appropriate citation.

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